Heffron Online Services

Heffron Online Services

Please logon to access the online forms available here.

Getting Started

Anyone can register to use our on line services – click on the black “Join Now” button on the login page. You will be asked to provide some information about yourself and set a password. Once you are a registered user, and have been given a user name and password you are able to:

  • Establish a new SMSF;
  • Request an Investment Strategy Compliance Package; and
  • Request an Actuarial Certificate

You are even able to take advantage of particular arrangements made by you firm (for example, payment terms, variations to our usual service) once we have linked your registration to your corporate registration.

We have also included a FAQ section, which includes some common technical questions/issues raised by practitioners when completing the various forms for their SMSF clients, some IT “trouble shooting” questions and also some useful Online Form administration administrative questions about logins, security etc type questions.

As always it is completely up to you to choose the approach that suits you best when interacting with Heffron so if you would prefer to download one of our hard copy forms and send it to us via email, mail or fax please click here. We are happy to receive information in any format that suits you.

As always please contact us at any time on 1300 172 247 if you have any questions or need any assistance.